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Istanbul Attractions

Sightseeing, visit & many things to do

Life in Istanbul

Favorite city of all civilizations in all ages

WOW Istanbul is located in the city of Istanbul which connects Asia and Europe, served as capital of the greatest empires of the world history such as Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and is now a capital city of culture, art, trade and tourism.

Istanbul, which hosted different civilizations through the ages and bears the traces of all, initially attracts the attention with its ancient historical value. Istanbul makes its visitors live the century’s old cultures with Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace, Maiden Tower, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern and many other historical mosques and palaces. Every day, thousands of tourists discover Istanbul with the tours organized to feel this historical heritage closely.

The city has been source of inspiration for the poets and authors for years with its unique Istanbul Strait and wonderful view and also has an important place in terms of culture and art history. Cinema, concerts and theater performances are put on stage in traditional art festivals of the city. And Istanbul's historical places host most of these festivals.

Istanbul has a mild climate and is a metropolis which is alive for 24 hours in terms of food and beverage and entertainment, colorful and enjoyable. There are disco clubs and traditional taverns in the city such as Sortie, Supper Clup, 8th, Blackk, Versai, Suada, Nahide, Şamdan Etiler, Nevizade.

Istanbul offers its visitors unique moments with historical and authentic shopping points such as Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and Mahmutpaşa Bazaar as well as the entertainment world. Shopping malls such as Star City, Carousel, Galleria, Capacity, Atrium, Fly-in, Marmara Forum, İstanbul Forum, Deposit, Airport AVM where world-famous brands are present are located very close to WOW Istanbul.

Taksim, which is the center of the city and its busiest street İstiklal Street make thousands of tourists from different countries experience Istanbul in terms of entertainment, shopping and taste.

It is easy to access all historical sites, touristic places, culture and art activities, restaurants, bars and other places of entertainment of Istanbul with the metro station next to WOW Istanbul.

The exclusive restaurants of Istanbul such as Develi, Kaşıbeyaz, Kosova, Beyti, Eleos, Ziya Şark Sofrası, Uludağ are located at a distance just a few minutes from WOW Istanbul.

The hospitals such as Ataköy Hospital, JFK Hospital, Medical Park Bahçelievler, Acıbadem Bakırköy, International Hospital Yeşilköy which are located at a close distance from WOW Istanbul are available both for health tourism and the emergency.

And there are banks such as Garanti Bank, Vakıfbank, Türkiye İş Bank, Halkbank and the stores such as Carrefour, Starbucks, Bimeks, Aroma Pharmacy, Orkide Flower Store serving in Istanbul World Trade Center next to WOW Istanbul.