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Block A

Safir hall with a capacity of 4000 persons and 8.60 meter ceiling height is the biggest column-free meeting hall of Istanbul. Physical structure of Safir Hall makes it possible to offer meeting, exhibition and catering services at the same time in the events.

  • 3108 square meter with no column
  • Divisibility into 3 in 11 different styles
  • Divisibility with separators that are soundproof up to 53 decibel
  • 3 door entrances to Safir Hall
  • 8,6 meter ceiling height
  • 1260 square meter foyer that can be divided into 3
  • Three different entrances to the foyer
  • Two opposite symmetrical stage space of 146 square meter
  • Direct transition from parking garage to convention center foyer (moving staircase)
  • Loading doors for material and equipment transfer to Safir Hall from outside
  • Safir Hall Material Entrance Doors
  • Safir Hall Foyer Entrance Photocell Doors
  • Safir Hall Foyer Entrance Doors
  • WOW Convention Center A Block Access
  • Access to Hotels